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Learn About Mail Tracking

There are many times when people might ask themselves whether their boss, colleague or family was able to read to their emails especially if the above-mentioned people delay their reply. There is however good news to such people since it is now possible for someone to track the emails they have sent. There are also a lot of approaches that one can take when it comes to email-tracking for example, there are many people who opt for the read-receipt system. This is a system where one sends an email and at the same time requests a read confirmation.

If one gets the email, he or she will have an option to accept or deny the read confirmation by either clicking the yes option or the no option meaning that you will know if they receive the email. The read-receipt system is an honor system since there are a number of occasions where one would not trust the recipient. The read-receipt system is one among the many systems that companies can use to ensure email tracking.

The IBM Domino approach is also another approach that many companies are using to ensure that emails are being tracked once they send from one person to another. Many companies opt for this system because the recipients are not asked to confirm whether they received the email but rather confirmed as sent when the recipient reads the email. This is a system that can be effectively used when companies sent corporate recipients but would not work if the email was being sent to external people. There is the hands-free system that companies usually use which demands one to have a server which gives one a number that they can use to track the email.

A good example of how this system can be useful is when one sends an email to their boss requesting a rise and since the recipient cannot be trusted, the hands-free system will generate an ID for that email which will then be stored in its database. Therefore, when one sends that email, the recipient will receive the email together with the ID which will assist one to identify the email they sent and when the recipient actually reads the mail the ID will be taken to the server. This system among the best systems that companies can use for mail tracking since when the recipient reads the mail and the ID is sent to the server, the server will also record the time and the date when that email was read as well as the IP address of the recipient.

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